European kratom alliance

We are very pleased to announce that we have become part of the newly formed alliance that has decided to fight for kratom’s rights in Europe. This alliance is important since in some cases, countries in Europe are taking reckless steps towards banning kratom without having proper information about the matter. The European Kratom Alliance (EKA) was set up to communicate with the authorities in order to provide more and relevant data to the authorities or ministries concerned. You can get more information about this alliance at

We will be happy if you share with us your experience with kratom and write to us about how kratom has helped you in everyday life, at work, or with health problems. Your stories will be used anonymously to communicate with the authorities so that people who decide on the future of kratom can better understand how helpful it can be.

Send your experiences and stories to:

We value your time very much and thank you for choosing to help.